Vince Flynn – Mitch Rapp books in order



Mitch Rapp first appeared in the 1999 story Transfer of Power.  Since then Vince Flynn has produced 14 books in the series, both advancing the story line and filling in the back story.  In 2010 he wrote American Assassin, which gave us the story of Rapp’s entry into the CIA and is the first book in chronological terms.

Rapp’s evolves through the series, particularly in his relationships with supporting characters in the series, so it is worth reading the books in order.  American Assassin is an excellent place to start.

Mitch Rapp books in order:

  1. American Assassin
  2. Kill Shot
  3. Transfer of Power
  4. The Third Option
  5. Separation of Power
  6. Executive Power
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Consent to Kill
  9. Act of Treason
  10. Protect and Defend
  11. Extreme Measures
  12. Pursuit of Honor
  13. The Last Man

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